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Every happening has some background. Several people have rendered a significant role for bringing out the present work. The word ‘astrology’ is popularly understood as a means of the predictive science of futurology. In fact, futurology comprises of a diversity of approaches through occult means such as palmistry, numerology, horoscopy, horary astrology, omenology, intuition, prediction through tea-leaves, face reading etc.

Vedic Astrology is the science of effect and influences of the celestial bodies on life on Earth, especially of the observable planets, and constellations considered nearer in relation to Earth. Hence, you will see each generation of best Astrologers in Mumbai have added their own research and experience to the vast knowledge, with the existing socio-economic structures of their own current eras, as civilizations have evolved.

Best Mumbai Astrologers have the knowledge of relationships based on a study of planetary influences, on man and his environment. They include the entire galaxy and true effects of the planetary bodies. Their radiations affect each other, including the Earth and all the things on it. There is no doubt that Sun has the greatest influence on the life on Earth.

  • Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt


Vedic Astrology is based on a pure science. This may come as a surprise to many readers. But the fact is that the astrological chart is the exact chart of the heavens showing the various planets, as they could be seen in the heavens in that particular time, and from that particular place on Earth. In simple terms, a best astrologer in Mumbai prepares the chart of the exact position of the planets as could have been seen from the place where a person was born, and at the time when the person was born.

HOW Vedic ASTROLOGER in Mumbai can help you?

Wearing the color represented by the strong benefic is helpful. Fasting on the days represented by the strong malefic is helpful. The best help one can give a weak benefic is to wear its gemstone.

Helping charities signified by the weak benefic planet is something one can easily do, or working as a volunteer to support the causes represented by the weak benefic is another thing that can be done. A best Vedic Astrologer in Mumbai can identify the afflicting planets in the birth chart and may also advise and prescribe methods to alleviate or counteract those negative effects or sufferings caused by those adverse planets.

TIME is important but why the PLACE?

The standardization method of Sun rising time has shown that the sunrise time varies from place to place. Just as the warmth of the sunlight and length of the day differs at different latitudes and longitudes (like the variations prevalent from the equator of the poles), the view of the planets, and consequently, their influence too varies from place to place. With the place of birth, the positional co-ordinates get fixed for the exact planetary and celestial combinations for that particular place on the globe.

For very refined calculations, one can fix the co-ordinates of place in the same town or city if one is born in a geographically large city like Delhi, Mumbai, London or New York.

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