Sun and Ketu in the 12th House of Horoscope-Vedic Astrology

Positively Ketu behaves like Mercury in this house, not on the pattern of Saturn or Rahu, in spite of having eclipse influence over sun.

This combination is more concerned with education of the progeny. The individual or the spouse gives corporal punishment(beating etc.) to the progeny for inferior progress in education or for failure in an exam. It leads to further deterioration in the progress of the child in the next one or two classes. Therefore corporal punishment, at least for educational progress, should be given after getting the stars of the child examined in this behalf.

Ketu (with Sun) causes mild-type trouble to the eyes, hearing power, slight stammering, any kind of mild nasal ailment, and very rarely it concerns itself with indigestion, or liver or kidney trouble, no doubt with support of other hard planets.


Ketu might lead the individual to take pan, (often not alone but with other dishonest employees), in embezzlement, pilferage or directly minor thefts from factory or household, but it doesn’t bring any severe punishment for these offences. It brings, at the most, dismissal from the job. Once indulged in this type of malpractices, Ketu makes it a habit with the individual.

Ketu (with Sun) is generally good at preparing false documents or accounts or invoices, whatever the individual needs for submission to any government agency or semi-government formation or organisation, or even to a court of law.


This combination leads to loss and theft of books from the charge or custody of the individual, and they get hardly traced, because the individual’s connivance is involved.

Ketu and Sun in combination generally lead an individual to give self-oriented resignation as soon as the individual finds that the “going” is not in favor, or events have developed for termination or dismissal from the job. Often in the resignation process, the individual tries level best to protect the pension benefits and other allied gains.

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