Saturn and Rahu in the 7th House of Horoscope-Vedic Astrology

Combination of Rahu with Saturn in 7th house gives ego problem.

The point of importance is that Rahu with Saturn in 7th house gives ego problem first to the spouse and then it travels to the individual too. If both husband and wife are sensible and practical, they try to suppress own ego and make honest effort to satisfy the ego of the opposite party. But if both or either of the two is sentimental and emotional, matters drop down to worse situations. This ego problem if not suppressed and satisfied at the initial stage itself, can sometimes lead to physical separation and the word “divorce” starts surfacing in the process.


In case there is an element of suspicion in the mind of one of the two (husband and wife) about extra-marital affair or casual third angle’s appearance in the married life, the accused person prefers to actually develop a third angle in the married life even if it was not there when the suspicion started.

In other words it can be said that the element of suspicion plants the idea in the mind of the other partner in marriage.Further Rahu gives extra fat to the body below the naval, and this adversely affects, though to a small extent only, the mutual capacity for each other in the bed.

Ego problem leads to differences between husband and wife over money .

Sometimes the ego problem leads to differences between husband and wife over money management, each one wanting to have the first say or the upper hand, depending on the tradition in the family of both. In case no compromise is reached, it would affect other matters in mutual life.


In the case of childbearing women, they should take herbal or medical remedies for restoration of fitness of the body, otherwise Rahu overrules Saturn and leaves the body in a floppy shape, gradually with every childbirth. Rahu makes the individual easy target for venereal and AIDS problems, and so preventive caution is rather essential.

The ego of the spouse sometimes generates problem of adjustment between spouse and mother of the individual, and father of the individual keeps more or less aloof outwardly and feels hurt inwardly.

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