Venus and Ketu in the 4th House-Vedic Astrology

 In 4th house, Ketu in conjunction with Venus gives results neither of Saturn nor those of Rahu. It simply supports Venus in leading a comfortable life, having affectionate relations with mother, no pain in ribs or upper abdomen, no pressure on heart inspite of mild digestive trouble now and then.

Further, this combination does not give any major or serious trouble with or from conveyance or mode of transport. The individual doesn’t suffer for want of suitable residence as per status of the family, nor does it lead to eviction from the residence for reasons discussed in the preceding paragraphs under Venus with Saturn or Venus with Rahu  combine in the 4th house.

Individuals with this combination are fond of decorating their residence and office by painting it in different colours, and furnishing it with colourful designs, even the furniture therein wears a decorative look. In their wardrobe too, these individuals have different patterns, different designs, and different colours with regard to their under-clothes and outer apparel.

They are fond of loud perfumes and wearing fresh flowers to look attractive (moreso in the case of females, including young girls). These individuals join dance and music or painting or acting classes, if Mercury too is helpful, they complete the course of study, if Mercury is unhelpful, they leave the course of study in between.

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