Mercury and Rahu in the 11th House

This combination of Mercury and Rahu in the 11th house assures the individual of good income, whatever the means and methods of income or earnings. Sometimes a hollow superficiality, as also certain swankiness enters into the personality of these individuals. But these methods do achieve success in generating big money.

Qualities of Mercury and Rahu in the 11th House.

They are keen to give a good education to their children, provide money personal interest all facility for the purpose, but generally take no  in their educational progress. They are more concerned with their clubs, get-together-of-friends and colleagues, and other extra-curricular activities.

Get-Together-of family and friends

They do not mind indulging into unfair means and illegal activities to make money, and they are not much afraid of the law and order system of this or that country. There are greater chances for loss of one or more pregnancy by natural, or medical causes. They sometimes fall out with their mother or their children on matters relating to money and assets.

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