Mercury and Sun, Moon or Mars the in 11th House.

Combination of Mercury in the 11th house with these three planets has been discussed in earlier chapters, under the relevant sub-heading.

Combination of Mercury in the 11th House.

Mercury and Jupiter in the 11th House For combination of Mercury and Jupiter in the 11th house, virtually all results mentioned under Mercury and Jupiter combine in the 10th house apply. Here in the 11th house, these two stars would give most of the results in terms of cash and other money or other assets, though not the same strong results in terms of power and position.


Be it the position of power in the field of law, economics, accounts, taxation, membership of local bodies and legislature including the parliament or the senate, such forceful results may not be expected as are possible to get through these very two stars together in the 10th house.

Effect of Mercury in the 11th House with Other planets.

These two stars open a vast scope for writing books, articles, notes, comments on any subject relating to law, literature, economics, accounts, astrologer, business management, journalism, criticism of books and other literature, arbitration and all other allied subjects. These two stars in combination give satisfactory earnings from writing or teaching or lectures on these subjects. The individual hardly experiences any kind of paucity of funds even up to old age, except if the individual becomes a full-fledged speculator in shares, or real estate, or jewelry, or other similar assets.

These individuals are not outwardly very sexy persons but they do not lack in the normal and average capacity and competence for sex. Generally their progeny is also intelligent and if arrangements, facilities exist, the children receive good education too.

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