Saturn and Rahu in the 11th House

How Saturn and Rahu work together ?

When with Saturn in combination, Rahu becomes a blind supporter of Saturn in the 11th house, whatever the Rasi in the 11th house. Rahu enhances the income, also helps in mischievous methods of generating big money, proves an additional handle in suppressing labour force, subordinates, scientific and technical employees, domestic help. But Rahu doesn’t interfere with the working, work conditions and employment terms and conditions of the office staff and accounts employees.

As the level of income grows higher, Rahu encourages the individual with bragging, boasting and sharp sense of ego. This bragging and boasting sometimes invites the attention of the taxation sleuths and demands for higher gratification from other inspectors of this department or that.

Rahu disturbs one or two pregnancies during the 2nd or the 3rd months, or encourages and induces medical termination of one or more pregnancies.

Rahu encourages dubious investments and unlawful activities for generation of higher income. If the individual is in the political or trade union arena, Rahu with Saturn helps in building up a big bank balance, some of which would be kept in foreign country. Rahu facilitates under-invoicing and over ­invoicing, without fear of any routine or serious action as such.


Rahu brings, no doubt with Saturn’s support, considerable travel to foreign countries or having a branch seat in a foreign land. Another favorable influence for the individual is that Rahu specially helps the individual to sustain all kinds of pressures, harassment and torture and the individual is able to keep secrets to heart against these odds. In fact, Saturn also helps in the matter, but if Saturn is alone in the 11th house, physical torture might force the individual to speak out the ‘secrets of trade’. It is here that Rahu helps the individual.

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