Saturn and Ketu in the 10th House.

How Saturn and Ketu Work ?

When Ketu is in combination with Saturn in the 10th House , as has been indicated earlier, ketu adds softness and sweetness to harsh and hard decision, acts or action of Saturn in that house.

Ketu brings to bear on Saturn humanly fairness, sense of equity, feelings of sympathy and mercy in the innermost heart and also in outer behaviour and actions of Saturn. However, Ketu joins hands with Saturn in disturbing the care, affection, love, protection and communication between the individual and one or both parents.

Ketu induces the subordinates, friends, employees, domestic help, followers and workers to exploit the individual in money matters, and if scope permits, to indulge in pilferage of assets of the individual. The situation becomes pretty difficult for a single man or woman living alone to manage with plenty household supplies and rich possessions.

If the individual is an author, writer, free-lancer in journalism, risk of inordinate delay in publication hangs over the individual’s literary or journalistic works (big or small). If the individual happens to be a teacher, professor or consultant in subjects related to science and technology, the individual, in spite of efficiency in knowledge and teaching, is unable to command discipline over the class or the group, and has to adopt rough and harsh attitude to command discipline.


If the individual functions as a ghost-writer for any important person, the individual gets paid for the speeches, write-ups, articles or even booklets and books produced by the individual. But neither credit nor respect and honour are shown to the individual, by those concerned, for the excellent work done by the individual.

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