Sun and Rahu in the 1st House

What is Sun and Rahu.?

Though Rahu is considered a shadow (virtual) planet, its presence in combination in any house with Sun puts Sun in an ‘eclipse combination, thereby undermining the results of Sun and uplift the results of Rahu. It is a known principle that when Rahu alone in any house, it is not fully effective, but when it is with any real planet in a house, Rahu becomes 100% effective.

Whenever Rahu is in the 1st house, whether alone or with any other planet, it gives a typical sense of ‘ego’ to the individual. It has already been stated above that Sun in the 1st house gives a touch of irritation and anger, therefore it can be concluded the: these two together would give anger and ego to the individual exceptions being rare.

How Sun and Rahu effects your Life ?

Further, these two in conjunction often bar and mar chances of progress of the individual in the field of politics or public service. And because Sun applies its influence, there are strong chances that sometime or the other, the individual would n a public service, may be for a short while or take interest in active politics for a limited period. It is immaterial whether the political arena is of national character or state level or only limited to one’s own town or village. Slogan shouters and adding to the crowds at rallies and processions or political meetings is also a kind of association with politics.

Another favour that Rahu grants, when in the company of Sun in the 1st house, is to courage, boldness and bravery in any field, be it in argument, public speaking. It includes indulgence n a quarrel or fight at one-to-one-level or by groups, or even in _ battle or any kind of confrontation with enemy. In other words, Rahu wipes out from the mind and action of the individual any touch of internal hidden fear or timidity created by Sun in the ! house.


These individuals are quick to pick up an argument or verbal quarrel, they talk a lot and with self-confidence creating impression on others. Rahu’s conjunction with Sun protects the eyesight of the individual inspite of Sun’s adverse effect on eyes, which might at the most give sore eyes or some other minor tolerable ailment. No doubt, Rahu would give a little bulge around mid-body, be it a man or a woman.

Individuals with this combination are likely to earn a bad name without substantial fault about morality of their character, but it is difficult to help this situation, because the individual might try to change own nature but Rahu wouldn’t give up its natural influence on the individual.

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